Watch the 2023 Event!

What is this festival business anyway?

Victoria DanceWorks has been offering opportunities for performance for over twenty years in the form of an annual festival of dance.

You can watch dancers of all ages and across a variety of disciplines perform for the love of dance – and of course adoration of their audience!

You can also learn about the craft of dance by watching the assessments offered by our expert dance specialists.

Someone I know is performing, what do I do?

First, find their performance in the Schedule. Then, corral as many people you can to come watch. Dancers love an audience! You should arrive about a half-hour early to ensure you get admitted when your dancer’s session part starts. You’ll be able to watch a variety of other performers dance their hearts out too.

After they’ve performed, they’ll be given an assessment by our expert specialists to help them improve their art. Dance is hard work and there’s always room for refinement.

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